There are several reasons for a media file or stream not to play at all, or not to play correctly. The most common issues that were brought to me include:

* The media file or stream is protected by DRM, Digital Rights Management. Examples typically include iTunes and most if not all pay-to-play networks (see notes below).

* The origin HTTP / HTTPS server does not support streaming and treats each access as download, or splits transmitted data into partial content, or simply does not support the media's MIME type. Examples may include some cloud sharing networks.

* The media format / codec is not supported by VLC. An easy way to test media compatibility is to play the file or stream in VLC Media Player on Windows with all default settings. If it works in VLC Media Player, it is supposed to work in AW since it uses the VLC SDK.

* Note, that a file extension does not necessarily tell the actually used media format, codec or container format.

At this place a reminder that it is illegal in most countries to use any protected and/or copyrighted material, including audio, image, video, 3D content and all other kind of media, outside their intended platform without the publishers and/or authors permission. It also can be illegal to grab a copy of, or deep link to, a media from any web site as long the source site does not explicitely express permission.