Update June 15 2015 - Services for reactivating archived accounts are no longer available 2 years after introduction of free accounts.

All you need to remember is the citizen name/number and the email address previously used.

a) If you still have access to the email address, just press the Forgot Password button at the login dialog and follow the instructions.

b) If you do not have access to the previously used email address anymore, open a support ticket telling us the old email address and your new email address along with citizen name/number. If it is clear and everything matches, you'll get your account within the next business days. ActiveWorlds Support may ask for further characteristics (old password, imigration date, expiration date, optional also billing info, etc) you might remember about your citizenship.


Citizen Number: 123456
Citizen Name: ExampleName
Old Email Address: sample@sample.edu
New Email Address: new_sample@sample.org

Remark: If you have AW installed already, but the installed version is older than 6.0 Build 1348, it is likely faster to run the online updater at the download pages.