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walking avatar as model with stick

Posted by Freedomf 
Archived Content

Back Ground: I havea custom Avatar Not a CAV used as a model.
see chef.jpg attached.

Now What I would like to try and do, and I am asking here. Is I would like to beable to have the Chef hold a pointer a stick and walk put a SEQ onto the chef and have her walk. And have any one pick up the stick and walk. this is NOTwhat I want to do.

I have also made the pointer the mover and tried to link the chef to to the stick does not work I have tried to make moth of them movers and link them one another ie like buggy & horse, & saddle I have tried to link the two of them to another ie the stick being the mover and then linking eerything to the stick, doesnt' work.

I want the Chef to be holding the stick walking. I have tried to maker the chef a mover, and link the stick to her, the the stick becomes invisible.

Some how I want to "link" the stick to the Chef then put a walk seq on to her, or put a sit seq onto her nd still have her holding the stick.

Is this at all possible? If so what are the steps. 1. 2. 3. 4.
Please explain.

Would be even great if she could move the stick as she is holding it,
Put another seq on to the stick and the walk seq onto her.

thanks in advance Again she is a MODEL not a Cav and will not be used a avatar, and not become apart of the avatar.dat. I can make her sit down she is jointed, and she does move, I can put a walk seq on her.