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Jonathan Frid, star of the original â??Dark Shadows,' dead at 87

Posted by Apooka 
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huge fan...

not only was he great actor
he was a kind man
and a skilled poet
a wonderful joke teller.

he shall indeed be missed

I thank him for all the hours of fun.

do not know Dark Shadows the original well then time ya did check this out .

and teaser from the audio

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Well probably good thing he never saw the terrible version of the film Burton has made...funny when I first heard Depp got all the rights to Dan Curtis Work...and was going to make the film few years back I was thrilled .. until I found out Burton was going to be director... and now having seen the film I can say my fears were right ... he has taken a gothic horror play and turned it into Austin powers film ... no respect for the original version at all ...the original was yes made on a low budget but the writing was top notch and the actor were all season stage people who knew how to roll with punches when things went wrong .. Blooper were fun part of the show... now Depp and Burton have made nothing short of a mocking an insult to the original work.... sad so very very sad. The worst part is people who know nothing of the original will see this film.. And never get that.
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is blown away that no one here us a DS fan ...oh well ques that explains why no one knew that the widows hill mansion was based on the original set...wel quess this thread is dead.
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The original Dark Shadows was before my time, but I got to see the short-lived remake years ago and learned about the original from my mom . I've only seen clips and haven't seen it rerun anywhere.

I can say though, I am getting tired of these movie remakes disrespecting the original material. First with Green Hornet and then 21 Jump Street and now Dark Shadows. I'm sure it will be good for some laughs, but they missed out on creating something fantastic. Once you make a joke out of an old series or movie, it kills any hope of a serious remake or continuation. I guess it's easier to make fun of something rather than take it seriously.

By Widow's Hill Mansion, do you mean the one in Yellow?

Edit: Well, look at that... I just searched and it's streaming on Netflix. I love technology. Maybe people will discover it now because of that joke of a movie.