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Forum Login and Troubleshooting

    In order to post in the forums an ActiveWorlds citizenship is required.
    If you just created a new account at ActiveWorlds, it may take a few hours until your forums account is available.
    The citizen must be active, or has expired no longer than 14 days ago.
    In case your ActiveWorlds citizen has been disabled, posting in the forum is not possible.
Login-name and Password
    The login-name to the forums is your citizen number.
    Initially your forums' password is equal to the citizen password.
    You are encouraged to change your forums' password at first login.
    The citizen number is usually not displayed in the forums, unless you empty the 'Real Name' field in your profile.
    If you lost the password, you may retrieve it via the login dialog. A new password is generated and sent to the email address of the forums' account.
    Initially your forums' email address is equal to the email adresse given with your citizen account.
    Changing the email address requires email verification; an email with a verification code will be sent to your new address which is needed to complete the email address change.
    If the same email address is used for multiple accounts, it can not be changed and you have to contact ActiveWorlds' support.
    An online help is available at phorum.org.
    For further questions feel free to ask a moderator.