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Frequently Asked Questions. 

How to contact ActiveWorlds Support

by Chris
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How to generate a system report?

by Chris
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Updating fails, what can I do?

by Chris
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Why does my media file or stream not play?

by Chris
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I Forgot My Password

by Chris
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How can I tell the costs for a world renewal or purchase?

by Chris
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Can I purchase credits (AWC) for another citizen (e.g. as a gift)?

by Chris
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How can I re-activate my old account

by Chris
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How to use Ambient Occlusion for NVIDIA Graphics

by Chris
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How to use FREE Voice Chat - VoipCast Server Superseded by FREE Voice Chat

by Chris
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What is a Strong Password?

by Chris
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What I have to remember about my ActiveWorlds Account (after 15 June 2013)

by Chris
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